We now know how a so-called overnight sensation feels when stardom is  achieved only after years of preparation, learning, and experience!

TECCS has exploded on the educational scenes, opening a very special  new public charter school in Jersey City, and simultaneously opening  another in Brooklyn, New York. The enthusiastic reception by civic  and education officials, along with equal or even greater response  from parents who enrolled their children in our schools is nothing  short of thrilling.

Of course, these successful openings did not just happen overnight. Our very high standards and adherence to our basic philosophy of an ethics-based curriculum and culture along with rigorous academics  required intensive effort on our part.

Our Foundation found exceptional individuals for school boards in each city. Parents, some seeking a great school for their children, and  others, without children, who believed in our mission of serving the  underserved, joined our team.

With civic approval in hand, our School Boards found highly talented, skilled principals and enthusiastic, dedicated teachers, assistant teachers, teaching specialists, social workers and  administration staffs.

This already credentialed educational staff underwent extra training in the ethics-based culture that undergirds our program. We secured and  enhanced first-rate facilities, and our schools enrolled 240 eager children.

After eight years of maintained vision, unswerving commitment, and  intensive work, we opened our first two schools.

Now, after nearly two years in operation, our schools are demonstrating the fulfillment of their mission: to serve inner city children with an extraordinary education grounded in ethics, social justice, and community service.

We welcome you to visit the individual web pages of the schools: teccs-jc and teccs-ny.

If you are interested in learning more, or participating in the  activities of the Foundation, and joining us in this great adventure,  please contact:

Dr. Judith D. Wallach, President
101 Central Park West, 1A
New York, NY 10023-4250

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